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親子新聞 February 17, 2020




面對新型肺炎,正確配戴口罩和勤消毒雙手是同樣重要。早前我與團隊四出搜刮材料並製作消毒搓手液,贈於社會有需要的人。 香港市民,大家可以根據我們短片的指引,學習如何自製搓手液和消毒雙手步驟。


Wash your hands frequently and wear your masks all the time to protect yourselves. Earlier, together with my colleagues, we went all over to source the required chemical ingredients to produce hand sanitizers for those in need. You may wish to follow the instructions to make it yourselves. Please follow the hand washing procedure as well.

The epidemic can hit us any time. Stay alert. We must help ourselves, protect ourselves and rely on ourselves. It is our responsibility to protect our Hong Kong. 

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